Grow faster with feedback THAT WORKS.

The Klient Kulture ‘One quick question’ Net Promoter Score system has provided our business powerful business intelligence to better understand how our clients are thinking about our service offering. We are now extremely focused to use this intelligence...
— Paul Nicol, Senior Partner, GFM Wealth Advisory.
The results are surprisingly illuminating.
— Michael Hutton, Partner, HLB Mann Judd.
Great to deal with. Very responsive. Very well organised and efficient.
— David Kelly, Managing Partner, KHQ Lawyers.
You don’t know, if you don’t ask...but sometimes you don’t really want to ask what people think. Klient Kulture helped us approach clients for genuine feedback about their experience with our firm which helped us improve our service and our client’s experience.
— Stacey Taylor, Special Counsel, Wisewoulds.

Grow referral business

Use suggestions from regular client feedback to improve your service, increasing the number of clients that truly love you and go on to refer your business to their friends and colleagues. 

Categorise your clients by loyalty - using the proven net promoter system. Grow your pool of promoters, reduce your detractors and track satisfaction and loyalty over time. 

Make the most of the your true fans to accelerate growth in your firm. Do you know which clients to ask for a referral? With Klient Kulture you will. 

ACC Survey 2017

Increase client retention

Which of your clients are at risk of leaving? What is the cost of lost clients?

According to a Association of Corporate Counsel survey 34% of clients said that they had terminated a relationship last year for failing to meet expectations (read more).

Don't wait until it's too late to remedy a problem with an unhappy client. Entrenching client feedback and loyalty tracking into your practice enables timely intervention to improve retention rates.


Gain regular, actionable client feedback

Utilise constructive client feedback to better understand the areas of your practice that need improving. Feedback is instant and directed to the right people within your firm to do something about it. 

Service is efficient and timely but there is no sense that I am valued as a client.
— Client feedback (de-identfied)
Clinch Long Woodbridge have provided me with outstanding support, both legally and emotionally, in my family law case. I trust my lawyer and her associates and feel confident and content with their advice and actions. I love how gutsy they are too! I am incredibly impressed with how quickly the firm acts on my behalf; particularly in such a stressful situation. I have no problem recommending this firm to anyone. They have been incredible!
— Sharna T, Sydney. Google Review generated via Klient Kulture process.

Promote your brand

With our independent service, potential new clients can trust your client score results. Show them off when you feel you are ready to help secure new business. Share links on your blog to LinkedIn networks of your senior team.

With Google reviews now featuring more prominently on business searches it is important to be proactive - whether you have a Google+ account or not. The best solution to negative social media reviews is to get more positive ones to restore the balance. Build positive social media reviews with Klient Kulture. Attract new clients and boost your search engine rankings at the same time.

Klient Kulture score

Increase staff connectedness

In most hardworking professional practices the majority of feedback is positive - connect your team to the uplifting comments they are not necessarily receiving at the moment.

Our own client feedback tells us that providing your professional staff with regular client feedback increases their sense of connectedness with the client – lifting satisfaction, motivation and a feeling of accomplishment.

I really enjoy working with Jenny. She is wonderfully efficient and fast.
— Feedback from client (de-identified)

Improve coaching.  

We all know that feedback is key to learning and can speed up the process of becoming a true professional. Of course, feedback from a manager is important, but regular client feedback completes the picture.

Client feedback reminds you of what clients expect. It shows you the areas you can improve in. It helps you bridge the gap between your client's perception of the service and your own. 

What's more, those staff working the hardest to make your clients happy may not be getting the recognition they deserve. Others may not be getting the support they need. Klient Kulture can help you identify when it is time to offer a hand.

With powerful insights and analytical tools

Analyse client satisfaction across a range of factors and characteristics, including - account value, length of time with your firm and industry type.

Gain greater insight for more effective management strategies. 


On a secure platform

Klient Kulture uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud security, a global leader in the provision of best-in-class cloud security services. Other AWS clients include Qantas, Philips,, US Food and Drug Administration, Bristol Myers Squibb and many more. For further information on AWS see this link. We use best-in-class enterprise-level security features. All data is encrypted, both in transit and when sitting on cloud based servers supported by AWS. 

DGA trust mark
Amazon Web Service

We are also the only client and employee experience management service that is a member of Data Governance Australia, the "leading authority for Australian business to set industry benchmarks for the collection, use and management of data, Graeme Samuel AC, Chair, DGA. We are subject to the DGA Code of Practice. 

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