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Fully supported – for the time-poor professional – our secure platform can be up and running quickly and at low cost. The service includes our experience management platform, implementation, support and follow up advice. 

Let us help you better understand your clients, people and brand. 

An excellent service that has helped us increase our understanding of both our clients and our professional staff. I highly recommend it.
— Rhys Kyburz, Director, RSM, Canberra. Accounting, advisory, wealth management.



How well do you understand your clients’ experience of your service?

Which clients are vulnerable to switching?Where do clients suggest improvement to keep their business?



How engaged are your people? How does engagement change over time?

Where would your people like to see change in your firm?



Social media

How is your brand perceived by potential clients?

What does social media say about you? Are referrals not converting? Do you know why? 

Word of mouth

What do clients tell friends and colleagues
about you?

Who is referring you? Who could refer you? – if you only asked. How can you increase referrals?

Learning and development

Who in your firm are the standout performers from your clients’ perspective?

Who needs more support and training? Where do your clients say these staff need to improve? What coaching is needed?

Professional network

Your professional network is a great source of referrals. How well do you understand who is referring you, who isn't and why? Where could you improve to lift the value of this referral source. 

Klient Kulture offers a simple solution to answer these questions and more to help drive growth for your firm. 

Our interaction with Klient Kulture has been easy and business like. As a time-poor person I have been delighted with their proactive approach and speed of delivery. The quality of the product and approach to its implementation at our firm has been highly professional. I have no hesitation in giving an unreserved recommendation.
— Clayton Long, Director, Clinch Long Woodbridge, Sydney. Legal firm.

Step 1
Send a simple one question survey

A short email asks your clients one easy question - how likely are they to recommend your services? This approach is used by leading personal services firms and businesses - including PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, BDO, Apple and Amazon - as the most effective and simplest client loyalty measure (see NPS explained). The client simply clicks on a number within the email. 


Step 2
Include an open ended

We include a simple, optional, open ended question to illicit further feedback. In our experience, most clients provide this more detailed feedback. The feedback can provide a real boost for staff. At the same time it can also provide important feedback on opportunities for improvement, either particular to the service provider or systemic across the business. 

Alison does a fantastic job. Knowledgeable, easy to work with and always available. I continue to recommend her to others.

Step 3
Encourage the right clients to leave a social media review

For any client that scored you a 9 or 10 you can invite them to leave a social media review on Facebook, Google or TrueLocal. Reviews are increasingly important as they now impact on your search engine ranking – so the more reviews, the higher your ranking. 

Step 4
Monitor feedback

All of your client's scores and feedback are accessible in your dashboard in real time. Depending on your access level, you can also see results grouped by professional staff you manage, firm divisions, locations or the entire firm. 

Step 5
Take action

Now that you have segmented your client base by loyalty, you can consider offering additional services to your most satisfied clients, or ask them for a referral. Our software makes managing follow-up simple. Pre-allocate responsibility for follow up with concerned clients or assign it on a case by case basis. Identify service issues. 

Firm loyalty score over time

Step 6
Track performance

Track your performance over time on multiple levels - firm, region, division, team or practitioner level. 

Test the results of your service improve initiatives.

Ensure accountability for client satisfaction.